Engaging Judges in Art: Kevin ‘Kevissimo’ Rolly

I shared previously that I’ve been thinking deeply about the book of Judges, which I’ve found to be a rich way of understanding our present political situation. That’s inspired me to look at art that engages the stories there, which led me, in turn, to the work of Kevin ‘Kevissimo’ Rolly, and L.A.-based artist who works in analog photography and oil painting. He sometimes produces “oilgraphs” in short periods of time using real people.

I’ve been using his In the Time of the Judges series as a guide for my own reading. Here is one of my favorites from the series. The Defender of Thebz is a depiction of the killing of Abimelech, a favorite story of mine. I love that the artist shows her as pregnant.


I’m not sure that the artist meant to inspire further contemplation of these difficult stories, but I’ve been engaging with them in a new way since viewing this series.


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