Updates in Hate Scholarship: Religion and Hate

606 contributor Rebecca Barrett-Fox is a scholar of hate, religion, and sex. 

This week I want to share two readings that may interest some 606ers. If you want to read the second, an academic article, but are unable to access it through your library, please contact me for help locating a copy.

Titian's Crucifixion (around 1555)

Above, Titian’s rendering of the crucifixion, which is held in Spain’s Royal Monastery. Today, worldwide, Christians face greater persecution than any other religious group. This means we have a responsibility and a practical reason to offer counternarratives and countertheologies to religious violence.

Useful for historians but especially for theologians, Confronting Religious Violence: A Counternarrative, edited by Richard A. Burridge and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks has at its core the claim that we can offer the world a more compelling narrative than hate.

What are “religious microaggressions” and how do they impact the lives of people of faith? That is the question David R. Hodge asks in “Spiritual microaggressions: Understanding the subtle messages that foster religious discrimination,” published in Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work

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