Can a woman be president?

Silly question, right? It’s the topic of my latest column at

Here’s a better, more pertinent question: Can anybody but a woman beat Donald Trump in 2020? I doubt it.

The New York Times picked up some flack over the weekend for an article that purported to contemplate the first question — but which mostly revealed that the ghosts of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump in 2016 still haunt the Democratic Party’s leaders.

…any analysis of the 2016 election campaign must always center on the fact that Clinton won more popular votes than TrumpMillions more. That Trump now sits in the Oval Office should be mostly seen as a fluke of geography and America’s weird, anti-democratic Electoral College. Maybe Clinton should’ve spent more time in Wisconsin, but that’s more a question of strategy than her merits as a candidate, let alone her gender.

If you read the entire piece, I make an argument that a strong female candidate is probably a better matchup for Trump in 2020 than most male candidates. Why? Because Trump’s genital-swinging political style doesn’t play well with, or against, women.

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