The Christianity of Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher, forever battling to save Christianity from liberals, has a blog post up about the migrant caravan headed toward the US border. He does quote a racist novel that he acknowledges is racist!

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.21.38 PM

He does not, however, quote the Bible. Which has something to say about refugees and people in need.

I think I know everything I need to know about Rod Dreher’s Christianity.

Author: joeldermole

Joel Mathis is a freelance writer who lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and son. He spent nine years as a syndicated columnist, co-writing the RedBlueAmerica column as the liberal half of a point-counterpoint duo. His honors include awards for best online commentary from the Online News Association and (twice) from the City and Regional Magazine Association.

One thought on “The Christianity of Rod Dreher”

  1. I find he has a very narrow view of the world, I read the Benedict option, so badly written, but also no real attention to the gospel, which did not advocate any engagement with the world in an open way but rather a bunker mentality. At least he’s consistent.

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