A brief note on the Kavanaugh hearing

I’ve been content to let Rebecca have the full stage at SixOh6 today. If you’re going to “believe women” you have to start by listening. Seemed a good day, in these parts at least, to listen. (I might’ve fallen short on Twitter.)

That said:

I went into today thinking that Christine Cheryl Blasey Ford was telling the truth about her assault and that Brett Kavanaugh, at the very least, thought he was telling the truth.  A complicated scenario, but not impossible.

Regardless of how accurate — or not — I may have been on that count, I think Kavanaugh today fairly demonstrated that he does not have the temperament for the job.

Even if you believe you’re innocent, adulthood — and especially judgehood — requires you to restrain yourself from vomiting that rage all over the place with conspiracy theories and disrespect to the people you want to hire you.

That’s where I think I can be exceedingly fair-minded and  even overly charitable to Kavanaugh, and still think he has fallen short. Even if he makes it to the court, his term is tainted. Today is in the first paragraph of his biography.

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