61 percent of Republicans consider the president a good role model for children

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 6.40.50 PM
Do you want your children to grow up like this?

Let me repeat:

61 percent of Republicans consider the president a good role model for children, according to a Quinnipiac poll released last week. Although Trump is disappointing most Democrats — only 2 percent of whom consider him a role model — he has retained the wide support of members of his party at rates that are much higher than Bill Clinton experienced in 1998 when his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky became public.

I get evangelicals who say they made a “lesser of the two evils” tradeoff when voting for Trump, even if I disagree with that choice. But this is different: Republicans are self-evidently calling evil good, and good evil. A man who has been (at the very least) dishonest and unfaithful in his marriages, his businesses, and virtually ever endeavor we’ve been able to witness is, according to Republicans, a “good role model.”

How embarrassing for them.

Author: joeldermole

Joel Mathis is a freelance writer who lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and son. He spent nine years as a syndicated columnist, co-writing the RedBlueAmerica column as the liberal half of a point-counterpoint duo. His honors include awards for best online commentary from the Online News Association and (twice) from the City and Regional Magazine Association.

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