Mennonite Voices Profiled at the American Religious Sounds Project

Religion scholars Amy DeRogatis and Isaac Weiner lead one of my favorite online endeavors: the American Religious Sounds Project. It documents and interprets America’s diversity of religions through sound.

Right now, the ARSP is featuring Mennonite voices. Check out the interactive archive of sounds. You’ll get to hear a bit about the forthcoming Voices Together hymnal and also hear samples of Mennonites from White River Cheyenne Mennonite in Busby, Montana, Chin Emmanuel Baptist (confusingly, a Mennonite congregation formed by immigrants from Myanmar) in Houston,  the intercultural Upland Peace Church in Upland, California, and Sherbrooke Mennonite in Vancouver, Canada, which hosts English and Korean services.

It’s a treat to learn more about the many voices that are part of the Mennonite tradition and a joy to hear them.

The ARSP project is a great resource if you want to learn more about religion and sound in general, and I am so grateful that they worked with the Voices Together team for this contribution.


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