Walking Roots coming to Hesston Tomorrow

A few years ago, my children and I got to see the Walking Roots Band at a performance in Johnstown, PA. We fell in love. Carry Your Heart has remained in our CD player in our van ever since, and the only arguments we have about it are what order to play the songs in.

The band is coming to Hesston, Kansas, at Whitestone Mennonite Church, tomorrow night, and we are going to get to see them again. (If you miss it, you can check them out elsewhere in the Midwest, including at MCUSA’s upcoming conference in Kansas City.

One lyric in particular, from the song “The Wind on the Water,” has become a theme for us recently: “In want or in plenty/I have learned to live contently/It’s amazing grace that I cannot ignore.” We’ve had a summer of disruption, with lots of question marks for our family and few answers. This lyric has become a prayer for us–something we aspire to–and as we’ve prayed it, it’s also become a reality.

I look forward to saying “thank you” to the Walking Roots Band for the gift of peace that has come with this lyric tomorrow night. And if you are a Sixoh6 reader who comes to the concert, please ask around until you find me so we can say hi!

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