KU’s Wilcox Collection Featured in Documentary on American Hate

So, definitely, you should check out PBS’ Frontline documentary Documenting Hate: New American Nazis. PBS has been doing some really good work in its Documenting Hate series, making the complex world of white supremacy understandable. Notably, they also do a good job of protecting viewers from the depths of such groups, which makes it possible to use the episodes (just under an hour) in the classroom or to watch them with your older children without worrying too much about exposing them to images of violence or racial epithets.

But this episode, which aired in late November, is especially important because it features the Wilcox Collection at the University of Kansas, a gem in the university’s illustrious Spencer Research Library.

I’m especially happy that a real librarian leads the way in showing some items from the collection. Curator Rebecca Schulte is given credit for her work in maintaining the collection.

The Wilcox Collection is an archive of extremist political literature and artifacts. It’s one of the best resources for such information in the country. My own work has benefitted greatly from the collection and the work of the archivists, curators, preservationists, and other librarians at the University of Kansas.

Want to learn more about this important collection? Here is Schulte being interviewed for C-Span this past October.



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