No, Republicans don’t believe women

And Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court.

If it wasn’t Kavanaugh, it was going to be some other conservative. Once Mitch McConnell refused a hearing to Merrick Garland, then Donald Trump won the presidency, this moment of rage was inevitable. It is worse because of a belief that Republicans made a real effort to avoid fully investigating the sexual assault allegation made by Christine Blasey Ford. We’re not going to forget this moment for a long time.

A lot of Republicans they believe, for whatever reason, Ford was either lying or badly used by Democrats, implying they’re reading to hear and help real victims of sexual assault. But there’s no reason to believe them.

Why? Because they don’t even believe men who tell us they treat women badly – or, at least, not enough to keep those men out of power.

Donald Trump on the “Access Hollywood” tape told us he sexually batters women.

Donald Trump told us that he would go backstage at beauty contests to see young women in various states of undress because he could.

Donald Trump told us repeatedly how he viewed his own daughter in sexual terms.

Republicans made him president.

So it’s hard to credit statements from Republicans about how this time they couldn’t believe a woman, and oh dear, the fakers like Dr. Ford will make it hard for the real victims, like they really want to help sexual assault victims who have been abused by powerful men.

All they have to do is believe a woman’s word – or a man’s repeated confessions – when it costs them something, once. Believing that Democrats have done bad things – and they have – is easy. Do it when it means losing a Senate seat, or a spot on the Supreme Court, or the White House.

Until then, the evidence is that Republicans just don’t care enough.

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