The entitled whiteness of conservative immigration hawks

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Benjamin Harnwell, a Steve Bannon acolyte who heads the, ahem, “Institute for Human Dignity”, tells PRI why immigration is problematic:


But I’d like to point this observation out to you: Had it not been for the Hispanic vote, Mitt Romney would have won. And that’s an illustration. Whether you think immigration is fine in the States, whether it could be tinkered with, bandaged or whatever you think it is, you cannot deny that it is having a political consequence on the country. And I think given that reality, it is reasonable for people to say, “Is this the direction that we want to go in?”


* Assumes the white voter in the United States is the default voter, and that votes counter to the will of white voters are somehow problematic.


* Ignores the fact that Hispanics who vote are in fact American citizens.

The conservative position is this: Brown people probably vote Democratic, so brown people shouldn’t get to be citizens. That’s white supremacy, pure and simple, even if it doesn’t come wearing a Klan hood. You don’t even have to think white people are better than brown people to think that white people should have all the power. That’s evidently the case here.

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