In need of some new books on religion?

Christmas is only 6 months away, so I’m making my Christmas book wishlist. Yes, they will be almost all nonfiction books about religion. To help me keep up with what’s new, I like to look at the American Academy of Religion’s Reading Religion project. (Full disclosure: I like this project so much that I’m part of its board.)

It’s an online spot where experts review new books in religion. You can search by author, book title, subfield, disciplinary approach, etc. And the Reading Religion includes interviews with authors (go to Browse Books–>Genres–>Interviews with Authors).

Check it out, please, if you are shopping for a book for yourself or a friend or looking for a book to assign to your students. It makes me as happy as Scholastic Book Orders did when I was a kid, which is saying something.

Oh, and if you know of a book that should be reviewed (2015 or newer), please let me know. Also, I’m always looking for new reviewers (must have some academic credentials in religion, broadly construed), so please reach out to me if you are interested!



Above, the Reading Religion logo: an open book with two “R”s atop it. 

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