Abortion, adoption, immigration, and Trump

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I am not impressed by the pro-life bona fides of an administration that would force an immigrant woman in federal custody to deliver a baby, yet would also snatch immigrant children from their parents as a means of punishment.

I am not impressed by the pro-life bona fides of a party that gives away trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich and big business — then seeks to put a band-aid on the resulting deficits by cutting the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

I am not impressed by a party that pleads with women to carry a child and offer him or her for adoption — but also empowers state-funded agencies to say potentially loving parents are off-limits because they’re gay.

Whatever the GOP’s priorities, the welfare of children — American or otherwise — always seems to take second place. I’m not sure how that’s pro-life.

Author: joeldermole

Joel Mathis is a freelance writer who lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and son. He spent nine years as a syndicated columnist, co-writing the RedBlueAmerica column as the liberal half of a point-counterpoint duo. His honors include awards for best online commentary from the Online News Association and (twice) from the City and Regional Magazine Association.

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