Diagnosis: Hackery

Dear Rebecca:

Marc Siegel is against making armchair diagnosis of world leaders. Here he is today in National Review:

What makes the current pundit-media attack on President Trump’s mental health most disturbing is that those leading the charge are either non-psychiatrists, or else have never examined the president, such as psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee of Yale, who traveled to Washington last month to brief twelve Democratic and one Republican lawmakers on President Trump’s supposed mental instability.

And here he is in August 2016, at Fox News:

While Dr. Siegel declares Hillary is indeed “sharp as a tack”, he does question the idea that she could possibly have Post Concussion Syndrome, which could interfere with cognition… Something that is essential to the possible Leader of the Free World.

My diagnosis: Marc Siegel is a hack.

Respectfully, Joel

P.S. Do these folks think we don’t have the power to Google shit? Do they not care? For Pete’s sake.

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