What do Mennonite boys need to know?

Dear Joel,

I’ve shared here before that our oldest, 13, is one of two non-Mormon Boy Scouts in a troop organized through a LDS church.  Sometimes, it’s a little awkward, both the Boy Scout part and the Mormon part, but we’ve embraced the challenge of making this work.

Right now, members of the troop are working on their “Duty to God” badges. For the LDS members of the troop, this process is guided by a 100+ page book that outlines all the Bible and LDS-specific scriptures that the boys have to study and other things that the boys need to learn how to do–to serve in their church, to adhere to LDS dietary rules, etc.

Lots of religions have worked with the Boy Scouts of America to create a similar set of guidelines for children of their faith to earn their Duty to God badge. Not surprisingly, Mennonites haven’t. So, working with our local troop leaders, we’re compiling a list of things we want our child to know about religion broadly and the Mennonite faith in particular.

Image result for whoopie pie

Above, whoopie pies, which are obviously on our list of things every Mennonite child should know. 

I’m interested in hearing from others what THEY think are foundational texts, histories to know, practices to keep, etc. to understand Mennonite faith and that are understandable to a history-loving 13 year old.

Thanks for any help,



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