Why vote for Biden? To crush fascism

When People Tell Me Voting For A Third Party Is Like Lighting My Vote On  Fire - Meme on Imgur
Third party voters know their candidates won’t win–but they often say that they want their vote to send a message. That’s legit.
But I’m not voting for Biden because I want him to win. I’m voting for him because I want every Republican to know if they keep running fascist candidates, they will be annihilated at the polls. I want them to know that these candidates will always lose. I want them to know that if they try to deny the outcome of a democratic vote, they will be met with a hundred million protestors.

I have made no bones about my concern for Biden as a candidate and as a president. I think he’s, at best, a wasted opportunity.

But I’m voting for him anyway, for one reason: to crush fascism.

And though I wouldn’t typically tell voters in comfortably red states to vote for the Democratic candidate, I think that, in this election, it’s worth casting a vote that likely won’t matter to the Electoral College, even if you think Biden is the worst Democratic candidate since… well, you can pick from among the many middling, uninspiring candidates Democrats have forwarded in the last two decades.

Note here that I’m not telling anyone for whom Biden is a painfully unacceptable candidate to vote for him. Anita Hill said she’s going to vote for him, but you don’t have to be that forgiving. If you can’t stomach it, don’t.

But if you can, do–even if you live in a red state. Here is why:

Trump has clearly indicated that a peaceful transfer of power is not guaranteed. He’s unlikely to actually resist. (The secret service, who are tasked with removing trespassers from the White House, have every reason to want him gone.) What is more likely is that his threats not to accept the results undermine voter faith in the election.

Trumpists are ready to street-fight. They are drooling for a Civil War. They already support the murder of Black citizens by police, and they want that power for themselves.

We need every single vote for Biden to warn them that it’s not coming. We’re not a house divided against itself. There isn’t a silent majority.

We need 245 million votes for Biden so that Trump voters know that they are losers. Every vote for Biden tells Republicans not to try this garbage again. It gives every little fascist looking at running for school board or city commission the clear message that this is the end of the road. A vote for Biden is a vote against Ivanka or Don Jr in 2024.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'This nails it!!!!! Blake Mundell @blakemundell I'm voting for Biden because I'd rather fight to dismantle the two two party system under a capitalist oligarchy than under a militarized fascist regime.'
I’m not asking you to vote for Biden because Biden will win. (Your vote doesn’t matter that much.) I’m asking you to vote for Biden so Republicans understand the scope of the opposition to Trump.

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