Remind me again: When is it wrong to doxx Lindsey Graham?

A Congressional intern who (until this happened) worked for Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat, was recently arrested for, among other things, publishing personal information about Senators Lindsey Graham (SC), Mike Lee (UT), and Orrin Hatch (UT) on their Wikipedia pages. He published their home addresses, but the telephone numbers he published as associated with them appear to be incorrect, directing callers to, at least in one case, an LGBTQ+ charity. He may have also doxxed two other members of Congress.

People are rightly upset. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s office has expressed concern over the incident and worked quickly with authorities to address it.

And this isn’t the first time that Lindsey Graham has been doxxed. The Senator was an early Republican critic of Donald Trump, throwing his support behind Jeb Bush, then Ted Cruz, after his own campaign for president failed early. He famously called Trump a “jackass” on TV and voted for third party candidate Evan McMullin. In retaliation, on television, his personal phone number was announced to everyone in America, with instructions to call it and… well, who knows? Make clear-headed arguments about the need for integrity in our elections? I rather doubt it.

See the source imageAbove, frenemies Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump. 

And you know who did that? Donald Trump. Without any fear of arrest–and, in fact, Graham has become one of his biggest fans.




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