Voter Intimidation in Texas Rallies Whites to Help GOP Retain Senate Seat

So the Trump administration is accusing brown-skinned Americans living along the US-Mexico border of not being Americans? Of course. We’re almost 2 years into the Trump administration and right on track with our fascist leader’s plan to make this a white nation. That was why he was elected, after all.

Above, the passport of a German Jew, marked with a “J.” Why aren’t those patriots who are always yammering about resisting government roundups of citizens screaming about US citizens in detention centers?

But this isn’t just about racism. It’s also about keeping the Senate in Republican control (which is, actually, about racism). Here’s what I mean:

  1. Americans who are now in detention centers because their nationality is in question are probably Democratic voters. At least, they probably are at this point.
  2. Hispanics who might want to register to vote in Texas already face an incredible burden as Texas law makes registration difficult. Why risk showing up to register now, when every time you present your documentation, you are risking someone challenging it? Voter suppression, gerry-mandering, and the electoral college is the only way that Republicans can hold on to power.
  3. Trump’s supporters are turned on by cruelty, especially against non-whites, and the fascist display of power against “others.” His demeaning words and threats of violence against people of color turned out a record number of GOP voters in the 2016 election. His cruelty and exertion of power along the border right now reminds Texas’ many white supremacists (and that is just what they are, even if they don’t wear a hood) that a Trump administration needs a majority in the Senate to keep up its ethnic cleansing. Whether they like Cruz, they don’t want a Democratic Senate that could actually fight Trump on his terrible ideas–or even impeach him.


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