Release the Donald!

Dear Lodestar,

We, the voters[1] of the United States,[2] elected Donald Trump[3] to the presidency in 2016. We didn’t elect you or any other anonymous insider who has taken it upon himself to save us from ourselves.

You claim that you are working hard to curtail President Trump’s more dangerous impulses. In doing so, you are undermining the democratic will of the people. We wanted a president who was impetuous, ill-informed, and disrespectful of the global world order. It is not a “crisis,” as you claim, that he is the man we elected: elections have consequences, as they say.

If we wanted someone who was stable, we would have voted for “Low Energy” Jeb Bush.

If we wanted someone who was moral, we would have voted for Ben Carson.

If we wanted someone who was smart, if an asshole, we would have voted for Ted Cruz.

If we wanted someone who was, at least sometimes, reasonable, we would have voted for John Kasich.

While we, the GOP base, of course share your goal of total abdication of the government’s Constitutional duty to promote the General Welfare, we did not vote for Trump because of the Republican policies you assure us will be implemented despite his total lack of competency. John McCain and Mitt Romney despised the poor as much as the rest of Republican voters do, but we didn’t turn out in record numbers to vote for them. We turned out for Trump because he articulated the vision of America that we want: One in which people of color are removed or, if they stay, very, very afraid. One in which the world trembles never knowing whether a case of presidential indigestion will lead to war. One in which stunningly misplaced self-confidence and entitlement are enough to ensure white men will rule forever and things like competence and character, which people of color and women display in abundance, will never be enough to change the minds of racist misogynists, so maybe, over time, women and people of color will stop trying and just got back to the kitchen and the plantation.

We voted for the “chaos candidate” because we want chaos! You can’t spitefully drive a nation back to the early 19th century (#MAGA) without breaking convention! And also treaties, the law, the norms of democracy, and conservative voters’ moral compasses.

Above, a clip from 2010’s Clash of the Titans. Like the Greek Gods, we want to unleash horror on the population. “Inside Resisters” need to get out of our way so we can do it!

We want war and the constant threat of war! We knew Trump was the man for the job when he mocked Gold Star families and John McCain’s capture in the Viet Nam War, which Trump himself skillfully avoided in order to have endless cheap sex. That’s not the kind of man who takes loss of life seriously. Frankly, we are surprised that you aren’t on board with this objective, given your support for the endless and mostly fruitless War on Terror.

We want corruption and lies. We knew Trump was our candidate when he refused to release his tax returns, which, let’s be honest, will show that he’s a cheat. Again, given your veneration of all things business and your refusal to hold the financial sector accountable for our wrecked economy, we assumed you were okay with amoral businessmen. Where did our lines of communication get crossed on this one?

We want someone who is not “moored to any first principles.” Trump’s series of failed marriage and the long list of credible accusations of sexual abuse, including of children, against him, plus his boasts about sexually assaulting women, let us know he lacked morals. We like that! How can you run roughshod over society’s most vulnerable if you aren’t willing to actually physically attack women and children?

We want someone who recklessly pursues his own pleasure, regardless of the danger! We elected someone who raw dogs porn star, for Christ’s sake! This isn’t a character flaw for us but a sign of someone willing to ignore science, statistics, and concern for others for selfish and very short-term[4] goals. We are old and also because we believe that Jesus is coming back any second now, we like that kind of thinking! People who are willing to delay instant gratification out of concern about the long-term future are the kind of people who take climate change seriously, and we don’t want those kind of people in office. I think that this is a goal that Trump supporters and you “inside resisters” likely share!

I will remind you, Lodestar, that this is America, where a minority of voters, inspired by racism, xenophobia, and sexism, are able to destroy the entire world. That is freedom, and if we didn’t want this system, we would have long ago dismantled the Electoral College, which ensures that white supremacists will always have disproportionate influence over election outcomes. I don’t recall you writing a bravely anonymous letter to the New York Times when Trump lost the popular vote by the population of the entire state of Kansas (or Nevada or Mississippi) complaining about the system that brought him to office, so why are you trying to thwart that system now?

We voted for Trump because we want our representative to the world to be incurious, bigoted, reckless, dim-witted, boorish, and incompetent. Please get out of his way so he can lead us down the path we prefer. We chose our president, and we deserve him.

God Bless President Trump and God Bless America,

A Concerned Deplorable

[1] Not most of us, but still 60 million voters who were enthusiastic about racism or willing to ignore it.

[2] With help from Russia

[3] Technically, voters chose Clinton by a significant margin, just as they have chosen every new Democratic presidential candidate for a generation.

[4] Two minutes. 

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