The problem is men.

As xenophobes continue to clamor for infants to be separated from their parents as they attempt to cross the US border because Mollie Tibbs was murdered by a man who appears to be in the country without documentation, this happened in Utah, about an hour and a half from where I live:

Image result for utah man crashes plane into his house

The charred wreckage of a small plane and an overturned car destroyed the front yard of an upscale home in Utah. The front of the home is burned, but the house is mostly intact. 

Its the wreckage of a Cessna 525 Citation Jet that Duane Youd flew into his home near Provo in an attempt to kill his wife and her son. Youd had been arrested earlier in the day for domestic violence but soon released on bail. A professional pilot, he then stole the plane from his employer and wrecked it into the house in the middle of the night. He had been arrested in April for disorderly conduct related to an event of domestic violence.

Most women who are murdered are murdered by their partners.

Domestic violence is the most common cause of death of pregnant women. 

Most mass shooters have a history of domestic violence.

Domestic violence risks everyone’s life. It’s not a “personal dispute” if it could result in a plane being crashed in your neighborhood or a hostage situation at your child’s daycare.

Immigrants have nothing to do with this.

Mollie Tibbetts was killed by a man who was incensed that she told him to stop harassing her. His immigration status did not inspire him to murder her. His belief that men are entitled to women’s bodies did. His belief that women who reject him deserve to die did. And many men living in America, wherever they were born, feel this way.

The day she was killed, Tibbetts jogged near the farm of Wayne Cheney, who was an early suspect in the case. Cheney has a lengthy record of crimes against women: stalking, harassment, violation of a PFA, and others. These weren’t one-time crimes; he was repeatedly arrested over several years.

In the process of searching for Tibbetts, police found another woman’s body: that of Sadie Alvarado.

The fact is, Tibbetts probably jogged past many men that day who have a history of abusing women, and she also probably jogged by many women who have endured violence. Violence against women is an epidemic. One in three women will be a victim of significant partner violence. This doesn’t tell us how many men engage in physical violence, but it’s a good indicator that lots of them do.

The problem is men.





  1. Here’s one for you: where they sadly found Mollie’s body may have been a mile from Wayne Cheney’s 76 acre farm, but look at the Assessor map. His father was a very successful farmer, leaving many hundreds of acres in his Will when he died to family. The Cheney’s own a large % of the land in that area, not just where they interviewed him. So there’s the plot she was found, now if you look 2 plots to the West, it is owned by Cheney Farms!
    Here is the data, she was found at:
    Parcel ID 1017200
    Deed Holder
    Bayer Jeffrey M
    505 Blaine
    Guernsey IA 52221-8837

    2 properties to the West:
    Parcel ID 1034300
    Deed Holder
    Cheney Farms Inc
    2321 480th Ave
    Deep River IA 52222

    In fact, if you click around that area, the Cheney family owns a whole ton of this land. So the memory loss guy drove 15 miles to a cornfield, there’s cornfields in all directions, and ends still right in the midst of the Cheney Family Farms. I really need Lexus Nexus.

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