Moral authority, money, world power: some of the things we are losing

What are the costs of separating children from families?

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars to build, maintain, and staff camp, all part of the BILLION dollars being devoted detaining Central American immigrants more broadly
  • The future lawsuit we will lose to these children and their families. Let the redress be a million dollars per day per victim. Let it bankrupt us financially the way we’ve shown ourselves to be morally bankrupt.
  • The creation of buildings that will one day be emptied... and the damage we do to democracy by expanding our definition of “crime”
  • The trauma to our ICE agents
  • The millions being donated to reunite families that could be being donated to cure Alzheimer’s or cancer
  • Our collective lost sleep. Surely I wasn’t the only person awake half the night feeling ill about this?
  • The tightness with which those who have our babies in our hands are holding them. There is an exhaustion that comes from it
  • The terrorism we are justifying
  • The political violence we are provoking
  • The children we are damaging
  • The way our grandchildren will look as us like we are Nazis–because we are Nazis.
  • The loss of our international reputation; the power we are giving away to other nations, who will step forward to lead the world
  • The re-traumatizing of victims of Indian boarding schools, Japanese internment camps, and Holocaust concentration camps–as well as the trauma we are inflicting on those soldiers and others who worked to free people from concentration camps

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Above, a rally in New York against the genocidal act of taking children from families. Wouldn’t it be great if the folks protesting didn’t have to? Then they could go about solving problems that aren’t manufactured by Nazis to support white supremacists. 

What are the gains?

  • I am curious to see whether funds being directed to RAICES and other organizes will drive down donations to Democratic causes, including campaigns. If nothing else, many of us are tired and not expending energy elsewhere. This is a gain for fascists.
  • Defense contractors are expected to make some money, which means that the everyday stockholder will to. As usual, the already well-off profit at the pain of the poor and vulnerable.
  • The White House gets to gauge how much we will put up with. This isn’t just–or even primarily–about children. It’s testing how far Trump supporters will follow their Dark Lord and how much of a fuss the rest of us will make. Immigrant babies are the first people taken away, but the plan is to push farther. Already, naturalized citizens are more vulnerable than in the past. And black men who dare to question displays of patriotism have had their citizenship threatened, too. If you think this is bad, remember that a significant number of Trump primary voters think that freeing the slaves was a bad idea.


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