Conservatives–Pick Up Your Phones, not the Tab for Day-Care for Asylum-Seekers

Social and fiscal conservatives–please contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY to tell them to end policies that put the state in charge of children of able-bodied, totally competent parents.

Currently, the US government is housing thousands of children, at significant cost to US taxpayers, in a variety of shelters along the US-Mexico border. Some of these STATE SPONSORED DAYCARES include recreational activities like ping-pong and furniture you can sit on while watching television. The lights are on 24 hours a day, adding thousands of dollars in electric costs to our national budget. They are basically “summer camps,” as Laura Ingraham noted, only you aren’t sure if you’ll ever see your parents again and you’re sexually abused by the guards camp counselors and you’re a prisoner, not a camper. Why are we paying to send immigrant kids to such places when daycare costs in the US is over $10,000 per year per child!

While we are saving some money by making older children change the diapers of the foreign-born babies we are housing FOR FREE, we simply cannot afford the cost of feeding, housing, and totally ignoring the psycho-social needs of children who aren’t even born in the US! White American voters have repeatedly voted against things like universal healthcare for pregnant women and children, maternity and paternity leave, free daycare for working families, wages that would allow a parent to remain at home to rear their children, and extended preschool. They have sent the message loud and clear that it is individual families who should always bear the cost of rearing children. Don’t let them down now!

In 1996, Hillary Clinton, who, as Republicans all know, is basically a socialist, argued that It Takes a Village to rear children. Conservatives this as a feel-good slogan that would take us down the path of “social parenting,” in which the STATE, not families, would take control of children. True conservatives like Rick Santorum and everyone in the Religious Right fought back by reminding Americans that It Takes a Family.

a close up of a wire fence: Tents to house migrant children are seen from a distance at the Tornillo-Marcelino Serna Port of Entry on June 18, 2018 in Tornillo, Texas.

Above, migrant children in tents at the Tomillo-Marcelino Sema Port of Entry in Tomillo, Texas, on June 18, 2018. Photo from Getty. 

Big government cannot and should not replace families! If that’s a core Republican value for you, give your members of Congress a call and tell them that you no more want to pay for immigrant kids to go to summer camp than you want to pay for them to go to public school or the emergency room! Trump voters want more Ben Carsons in the cabinet, CUTTING federal funds for housing, and fewer Kirstjen Nielsens, pouring money into “rooms made of fences” for people seeing political violence in their home nations.

Tell your Representative in the House that you support the Keep Families Together Bill and that you don’t want any more of your American tax dollars being used to pay ICE agents to be babysitters. If you wanted to build  houses for people in the Sunbelt, you’d built your own, dammit.


*It’s satire, friends. If I’m not good at it, that’s okay. You need to call anyway and tell the 0 Republicans who have signed on to the Keep Families Together Bill to do it now or be forgotten by Jesus when they get to the Pearly Gates.



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