A snippet of hope

Hi Joel,

I’m knee-deep (maybe waist-deep at this point) in a revision of an article about Trump’s speeches to religious conservatives. I’ve been reading pieces from the new book God at the Grassroots, 2016: The Christian Right in American Politics, edited by Mark J. Rozell and Clyde Wilcox. Rozell, a political scientist at George Mason, wrote the introduction last July, about 6 months into the Trump presidency. He ends the introduction with these words:


It’s an encouraging reminder. I’ve been focusing (sensibly, I think) on ways in which this presidency is normalizing hate, especially among conservative Christians. Rozell’s words remind me that another ending is likely: that a Trump presidency (which may end in impeachment, scandal, failure, or even war) may pull down with it the Religious Right.

My real (unrealistic) hope is that this would release Christians who are concerned about politics to do something better with their energy. A Christian Democrat party.

Here’s hoping!


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