Obsequience Abroad

Do you know folks who STILL won’t watch a Jane Fonda movie because of this picture? I do. They’re all over the pro-Trump social media sites I follow, posting images that invoke violence against the actress.

Image result for hanoi jane meme

Above, a memified image of Jane Fonda declares “Hanoi Still a Trainter” and “Once a traitor, always a traitor!” In the photo, she sits in an enemy anti-aircraft gun that was used to target Us planes during the Vietnam war. Fonda has repeatedly expressed regret about the photo. Fonda, who has done significant work to support veterans, was visiting North Vietnam on a peace mission that included carrying letters to US soldiers who were POWs. As with other places she visited, she was required to wear a helmet. She says she didn’t realize, at the moment, that she had been guided to sit on a seat near an anti-aircraft gun. As soon as she stood up, she realized that her photo had been taking while seated there and sought assurances that the image would not be released. In retrospect, she says, she alone is responsible for possibly being manipulated into this staged photo. Photo by Nihon Denpa/Associated Press. 

What do you think they have to say about this video footage?


Above, video footage released by North Korean state media showing the US president saluting a North Korean military official. 

Remember that the US president is the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. He doesn’t salute our own military leaders. This isn’t just a breach of protocol from a man who lacks manners. It’s not just a politically stupid man blundering his way into giving North Korea photographic evidence that it’s a legitimate world player. It is also evidence that Trump respects only the power of dictators. He can’t respect Justin Trudeau because the Canadian Prime Minister he cannot respect someone he sees as “meek” or “weak.” He can only respect those he sees as brutal because he yearns to be brutal, too. His fawning at autocrats is embarrassing and shows, once again, just how easy he is to manipulate–and thus how endangered US interests are.

And I haven’t seen a peep about it among those defenders of freedom and liberty who populate Deplorable social media.

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