GOP Sewage Backs Up

A pimp accused of assaulting the sex workers in his brothel just won the GOP primary for state legislature in Nevada. At his victory party was guest Heidi Fleiss, who ran an illegal prostitution ring in DC.

Virginia Republicans just chose in their Senate primary a neo-Confederate. He will likely lose in the general election, but damage will be done in a state that has already suffered so much recently at the hands of white supremacists.

A Holocaust denier won the GOP primary for a House seat outside of Chicago. While the Republican party has disavowed him, they didn’t run an opponent in the primary. And let’s be clear: he chose to run as a Republican because that is the party that, ideologically, is the place for neo-Nazis.

And don’t forget that Republican leaders across the nation supported a man who grooms children while they wait for their mother to come out of a custody hearing in his failed bid to get to the Senate last year.

The GOP needs to get its shit together. I suggest Mr. Pung, above, a CO2 powered toilet plunger. 

Where are the culture warriors, I wonder? Where are the evangelical churches working so hard on anti-trafficking laws? The megachurches who shed so many tears in the late 90s and early 2000s about bringing more black people into their all-white congregations? The “Friends of Israel”? They’re not just silent but will be donating to, rallying around, and voting for these politicians.



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