If the life of a child isn’t a reason to stop mass violence, what might be?

Hi Joel,

So, there are lots of possible solutions to gun violence, and lawmakers pursue none of them. Like, zilch. There are lots of reasons for their cowardice, including the fact that some of them are actually afraid of the citizens to whom they’ve deliberately fed a diet of fear and lies. Kind of like how children are afraid to go to school now.

One reason, I venture, is because they do not care about children. Letting children die from gun violence is just one more way that conservatives let children die–you know, like by threatening to take away their food, poisoning their air and water, and depriving them of medical help. So I don’t see an appeal to children really moving Republican hearts.

I venture that, in part, this is because children are (and are especially in the minds of conservatives) the work of women. As long as women are devalued, children are also devalued.

We grow them, bring them into the world, and do most of the tending to them. Of course, there are fantastic dads, fathers who raise their children without a partner at all or even with a mother who undermines his children’s well-being. But we’re talking large-scale trends, and that’s clear: children are the work of women.

So maybe we should stop working on gun violence because it kills kids because, frankly, I don’t think our current lawmakers mostly care about killing the work of women. Sure, they wouldn’t argue for actively killing children, but we have a long history of men destroying the things that women make and devaluing that which they achieve.

Image result for pro-life pro-gun

Huh. Pro-lifers argue for–and fight pretty effectively for–the rights of embryos and fetuses. Why don’t they fight with the same vigor for the right of school children not to be gunned down at lunch? Above, a bumper sticker with white outlines of a cross, a gun, and a heart on a black background and the words “Pro God Pro Gun Pro Life.”

Why else, then, might we want to not have regular mass shootings?

  • increased cost of security at public schools a necessary part security theater, which gives us the illusion that something is being done. Bonus feel-good points if we hire a veteran from a pointless war!
  • increased teacher turnover as more teachers realize that they’d rather work in an ER hospital, where violence is more common but less often mass, than a school
  • strain on local government resources in small towns where there aren’t dozens of ambulances or lifeflight helicopters available to remove dying children to hospitals
  • PTSD among rescue workers means high turnover rate here, too, so the expertise that comes from experience is lost
  • loss of productivity the day of and days immediately after as no one can think straight at work
  • the rest of the world despises us, starts putting us into the same category as nations that allow child marriages, child labor, and child soldiers
  • loss of Americans sick of this looking for jobs in places where their children are less likely to be killed, which is almost everywhere now
  • a generation of children will hate us forever

Do I sound disgusted? I am, because I really think that some of these reasons are more persuasive for lawmakers than the inherent worth of every life.








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