The Anabaptist Duty to Speak against Anti-African Bigotry

Hi Joel,

You’ve read the recent issue of Mennonite World Review?

In it, Dr. Pakisa K. Tshimika shares his disappointment in Donald Trump’s derogatory remarks about Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador. Dr. Tshimika recounts his family’s experience as Mennonite Brethren in the Congo, his journey to the US where he earned a PhD in public health, and his work with Mama Makeka House of Hope in the DRC today. He puts his own story in the context of US exploitation of the DRC, including the anti-Communist activities there that killed his brother, who was forced into military service by CIA-backed forces. He is the brother-in-law of Ellen Kroeker, who has shared her family’s experience as immigrants and refuges with us here.

Above, Congolese Mennonites from Kalonda Mennonite Church join in worship in this photo from Mennonite World Conference

His letter isn’t to Trump, though. It’s an open letter to all of us asking us to defend and protect the dignity of the people of Africa. It’s a needed reminder of the way that we are complicit when we don’t speak out against the president’s degradation of others.


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