Where did Republicans misplace their principles?

Hi Joel,

So, Republicans wanted to omit the Department of Labor’s internal analysis that showed that mandating that tipped employees turn their tips over to their bosses would result in more money to bosses and less to workers?

It’s always good to do your research, of course, but the internal analysis just affirms what we already know: people prefer to keep money rather than to give it to others. Especially people who have the most.

Republicans yell about poor people wanting something for nothing, but it’s rich people who get the most for the least effort. It’s not a perfect metaphor, but money seems to be addictive. The more you have, the more you want. Also, it rots your brain, your heart, and your morals. 

If Republicans believed that wealth should be the result of individual effort, meaningful contributions to the economy, and the value of the work one does (like they say they do), their economic policies would look radically different.  They’d support immigration (since immigrants, both documented and undocumented, provide significant profits to the national economy), punish wealth hoarders (or at least incentivize their release of funds into research and development), and bring off-shored money home. They’d admit that 401Ks are a danger to people who work hard and save and push for more stable pension options. They’d demand a minimum wage that honors the dignity of work, and they’d make sure that the people who make the most important contributions to our society–teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, sanitation workers, eldercare workers–earn incomes that reflect their value.

Image result for pinata

Have you ever seen a piñata give up its candy voluntarily?

No. You’ve gotta beat it into sharing. 

Instead, they’ve consistently pushed for policies that divorce hard work from financial security. Oh, and they do it at tremendous expense to the nation, despite their claim to be the financially responsible party.

So instead of looking at what Republicans say, let’s look at what their policies do. What do their policies tell us about their principles?

  1. Republicans do not understand or do not believe analyses, even ones that they themselves produce, that show that their policies hurt poor people in order to help wealthier people. (Oh, and to feed their racist base.)  They are not real-world problem solvers because they refuse to accept reality.
  2. Republicans believe in a utopia in which, out of the goodness of their hearts, wealthier people will give to poorer people. In other words, it’s not progressives who live in a delusion about the goodness of people. It’s Republicans–at least, when those people are rich people.
  3. Because Republicans believe that wealthier people are better, more moral peoplethey believe that individuals and companies will voluntarily redistribute money downward. And, conversely, they do not believe that poor people deserve this (which is what makes such charity a benevolent act). And they do not believe that poor people can make good decisions about money, which is why they cannot be entrusted to it in the first place. Better for them to get a gift from their betters than for them to get a just wage.
  4. They lie, but they don’t care. Their listeners want to believe that, if it weren’t for the people Republicans scapegoat (immigrants willing to work for low wages, women in the workforce, black people on welfare), they’d be rich. The poorest white Republicans like to imagine that, in a truly libertarian society, they’d be millionaires, and they vote out of anger about their lost millions, which is more racial resentment than economic anxiety. And as long as vote this way, Republicans will continue to lie about their economic policies–and to blow their racist foghorns.

You’re a patient person, but I’m not sure you have enough time to wait for Republicans to find their principles.


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