White Supremacy Brings us to War, Again


One final thought about abortion and the current administration’s pissing contest in North Korea:

For folks who believe that women who choose abortion are making a selfish choice, you are usually right. In the vast majority of abortions, women are choosing to have abortions because they don’t want the children their pregnancies would produce, and they don’t want those children because those children will impede the lives they want to live. They are choosing the lives they want–free from this pregnancy and that child, right now–over pregnancy and parenthood. That is selfish in the sense that the choice focuses on their happiness, safety, and financial security. (Are there other reasons why women have abortions? For sure. But for most women choosing an abortion, the procedure isn’t a matter of their health but of their preference not to be a mother (usually again) right now.)

For folks who believe that the cost of a woman choosing the life she wants is too high–that that choice in fact comes at the cost of another human’s life–war should outrage you even more because it excuses killing other people for far less of a useful reason: to show that you can.

Why should the US be fighting a war? Why should we be talking about dropping a bomb in North Korea? Only for selfish reasons–and reasons that are not simply selfish but entirely immaterial because our lives will not improve if we bomb North Korea. At least a woman who is exercising her right to get an abortion is probably going to see her life improve because of it. (This isn’t to say that women don’t have ambivalent feelings about their abortions or that there aren’t negative personal consequences to abortion. But most women are relieved that they made the decision they did.)

Image result for american flag middle finger

Above, an extended middle finger, covered in the stars and stripes of the US flag, the symbol of what Joel has called the “Effyouacracy,” has shown up repeatedly in online conversations I’ve been following about whether and why the US should drop a nuclear bomb on North Korea. What is this worrisome threatening and posturing about except proving that we have a “real man” as a president, as one Trump Deplorable shared in a post. 

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, and a politics of resentment (and potentially collusion with Russia) gave us this fool of a president. There are Americans among us–60 million of them–who will destroy the world through nuclear war in order to insure that white people get to feel powerful.

What is more selfish than that?



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