Who Shot First? Dana Loesch Edition

Hi Joel,

Thanks for sharing the NRA’s appalling new video, in which conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch basically calls for NRA members to hunt for liberals. She invites violence against a mysterious and vague “they” who are teaching America school kids that Trump is like Hitler (While I think the comparison can be useful, even if its overwrought, I’ve not seen in taught in public schools. In fact, where I live, the school teachers are heavily pro-Trump.), interrupting traffic (an allusion to Black Lives Matter), and calling NRA members racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic. (True, true, true, and also true.)

That terrible commercial might be the most honest thing Loesch has ever said: The NRA is full of racist fear mongers who rile up anxiety about gun control in order to justify violence against people who threaten white supremacy and patriarchy. They would like for their members to take up arms against people of different races, religious, and political backgrounds. They love authoritarianism and prefer the comfort of a police state to the anxiety of a plural America.


Above, Dana Loesch, who both believes she has something important to say and that her words won’t incite violence. You can catch her next on FoxNews after this week’s forthcoming mass shooting, denying that she has anything to do with it and selling more guns. 

(Every day, conservatives come up with a new answer in the “Causes of the Second Civil War” category in a distant game of Jeopardy!)

If you are a good guy with a gun, you should have long ago abandoned this powerful lobby, which cares far less about rifles and far more about making sure that you turn out to vote based on fear.  Being a member of the NRA doesn’t tell the world that you’re a brave American ready to fight for freedom. It tells us that you’re afraid and that you can’t negotiate a changing world without the assurance that you can do violence against people who have a different perspective. You gotta have a gun in your back pocket, just in case you don’t get what you want. It tells us that you are okay with the thinking that Loesch invokes here: that your fellow Americans are your enemy and that you have the right to wage war–or at least reign down sniper fire on a BLM rally or a Women’s March–on them. It also tells us that you are kind of… well, naive, but not in the charming way. More in the stupid, lazy, and entitled way: the kind of person who probably buys stuff from Kevin Trudeau or tried to get a degree from Trump University.

Oh, and the ad–it was made in April, before House Majority Whip Steven Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, along with three others, was shot in Alexandria, Virginia by a man citing his left-wing politics as motivation for the attempted murders.  So, no, it’s not a response to that event. It’s just what the NRA thinks all the time. Thanks, Dana, for being clear.

The next question is: Who is going to die because of these words?






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