If a White Supremacist and an Islamophobe Love Each Other Very Much… You might just get Bryan Fischer

Dear Joel,

I’m hopeful that some of our readers joined in protests against last weekend’s ACT for America demonstrations against Muslims. Claiming to be “anti-Shariah” protestors, participants chose Ramadan, a time of holy fasting and prayer to honor the revealing of the Qu’ran. Because racism tends to attract racism,racism tends to attract racism, white supremacists showed up to many of anti-Muslim ones, including in Arkansas, where the ACT for America event was organized by a known neo-Nazi.

White terrorists represent the single largest threat to domestic safety, so thousands of white Christians spend their time spreading hate toward their Muslim neighbors, despite the fact that terror attacks by Muslims are relatively rare, if widely overreported–by about 449%.  The meaningful work they could be doing to insure Americans’ safety–monitoring their own radical factions and bringing back into the fold the lone wolf actors who commit so many of the terrorism attacks we see in the US–won’t be done by them.

Instead, we get Brian Fischer, right wing radio provocateur, saying this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.52.35 PM.png

Above, Fischer’s tweet from Sunday, June 11: “The unholy trinity of hate in America: the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and the religion of Islam.”

That’s right–the day after neo-Nazis joined Islamophobes, all enthusiastically empowered by the Trump administration’s tolerance for hate and appeal to hate voters, Fischer says the problem is… Democrats, the media, and Islam.


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